Young American Poetry Digest

Online Submissions

Students, to submit your poetry for consideration for publication, fill out the Autumn 2018 Poetry Submission Form for Students.  You may only submit one form.  Students who submit multiple forms may be disqualified from the contest.


Teachers, librarians, and media specialists, to submit your students’ poetry, fill out the Autumn 2018 Student Poetry Submission Form for Teachers. Please fill out only one of these forms for all of your students (unless you have students from more than one grade).  The single document you upload should contain all your students’ poems.  If you would rather upload each student’s poem individually, please use the student submission form above.







Although all poetry forms are encouraged, haiku is the featured poetry form for the Autumn 2018 edition.

All poems submitted must be no more than 80 words in length – if a poem is more than 80 words, it will not be reviewed for publication.

  • Submissions may be handwritten or typed.
  • There is no limit on the number of submissions from each teacher.
  • A student may submit multiple poems, but each student is limited to one page of poetry.
  • No shape poems
  • Please let us know of any special circumstances concerning students and/or their submissions.


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