Young American Poetry Digest

Book Orders

A free copy of the book is sent to participating school libraries. Although copies of the 2017 Edition of the Young American Poetry Digest can be purchased, there is no obligation to do so. We wish we could provide free copies for the authors, but as yet have not been able to obtain grant funding for this purpose.

For those who wish to purchase a book, the 2017 Edition is $15.50 (includes shipping and handling charges), and will not be available for delivery until September/October, 2017.


To order online using a credit card, please email us with your child’s name, school, and the state in which the school is located.  We will send you a link to a secure payment form.



To order by mail, please send the following information with your check:

Child’s Name (or Teacher’s if you are a teacher)


School Name_______________________________________________________

State in Which School is Located___________

Number of Books__________

Amount Enclosed_____________________ (Make check out to NSP)

Name and Address to Send Book(s)



City____________________________________ ST______ Zip__________

Send this completed form to:

National Schools Project
P.O. Box 39
Horseshoe Bend, ID  83629


*Notification of any problems pertaining to 2017 book orders must be made prior to February 15, 2018. After February 15, only new book orders are accepted.